Craig Bullock

PHP Web Developer

I have travelled around the world, I support the best football team in London and I also love building web sites

I work with the following technologies on a regular basis:

  • Laravel is my favourite tool. The syntax has been coined as new PHP and Taylor Ortwell has done a fantastic job of combining all of the best feataures from all of the best frameworks into Laravel. Laravel is now officially (well according to Sitepoint) the most popular PHP framework.
  • Magento is possibly the most popular open source E-Commerce system around now and since the aquisition by Ebay it is likely only to get more popular. I have worked on around 10 different Magento installations for companies selling Morphsuits to Precision measuring equipment.
  • I installed my first WordPress blog in 2004, which I used to document my travels around SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand and America. Since then I have litterally worked on 100's of WordPress sites as it is still probably the quickest way to give a client a solid usable CMS.
  • Codeigniter has almost been replaced now by Laravel. However, I feel there is still a place for it. It is still incredibly flexible, quick and many of the built in library's are still fantastic. I still use Codeigniter in certain situations and it is still the quickest PHP framework by some way.
  • jQuery is my favourite Javascript library and I couldn't build a web site without it. It makes life so much easier. I tried building a web site in raw Javascript a while back with all of the famous slideIn() and fadeIn methods, then realised it would of been a lot quicker to just use jQuery.

I am a web developer based in Camberley. I work with both the front end and back end and even get involved with Photoshop when needed. I mainly work with open source projects that are well known through out the industry and I have 9 years of agency experience under my belt (1 SEO agency and 2 web design/development agencies).

My favourite tool to build awesome web sites with is Laravel. I also have quite a strong background in marketing web sites specifically with organic SEO and conversion rate optimisation and I am also Google Analytics qualified.

In my spare time if I am not watching Arsenal in the clock end I am playing football or fishing.